This is MY blog, not anyone else’s.  If you happen to read something here that you take offense to (or take personally), untwist your panties, pour yourself a drink, and get a life.   I refuse to have the fear of drama terrorists run my blog. 


Did someone say red rum?  


Here’s the sight I came home to Friday afternoon. 



My first thought was “omigosh.  It looks like someone bled out down there.”  Relax.  No one actually did.  It’s just the special rubber membrane DH put on the concrete so we could put tile down.   It was quite the site for a while!  I thought he WOULD actually ‘do me in’ out of frustration of me following him around saying “red rum,  Get it??  From the Shining?  Isn’t it funny??  Red rum… red rum… Red Rum”  Him: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  I get IT!  Now be quiet!!”  🙂  Oh what a fun night that was!! 

After a super long day Saturday (6:30 am to 3:30 pm) all of the tile was finally on the floor.  Boy is DH a slave driver! We stopped long enough to inhale some lunch, then chop-chop, back at it! 








Sunday was grout day.  It had been YEARS since we had done tile, so I had forgotten all the joys of what I call the “grout haze”.  It’s the wonderful residue that’s left over after you’ve wiped the tile down exactly 1.8 million times with a damp sponge and it’s still not fully gone.   I’m to the point where I’m willing to live with the small amount that is still there.  Sometime down the line my ancestors will finish wiping it off!   It does look pretty, though.  Haze and all. 




 I’ve seen this a couple of different times.  I just love the irony of it. 

Wow.  I did it.  I finally gave in to the peer pressure of all my friends having a blog and started my own.  I cannot guarantee there EVER will be anything truly valuable or earth-shattering posted here, but they will be my thoughts straight from my brand of craziness!  LOL!  Enjoy!