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Kemi’s post regarding her top 10 movies she loves to hate got me thinking about my top 10 favorite movies.   That’s due, in part, to the fact that a few on her ‘love to hate’ list are some of my favorites.   So here they are, in no particular order.  I’ve posted one of my favorite scenes from each movie.

1.  Breakfast Club…  What can I say?  This is a great high school movie.  It’s not exactly a scene from the movie, but it has my favorite part–the essay that was written. 

2.  Sixteen Candles…  Crazy movie.  Luckily my family never forgot my birthday.   I feel for her, with the foreign exchange student finding a girlfriend right away.  Love this movie!!

3.  Gross Pointe Blank…  Why I like this movie is summed up nicely by Minnie Driver’s character Debi–most people joke about the awful things they DON’T do.  This guy is actually doing them.   This is a super sweet clip with Martin, the professional killer, having a tender moment with a friend’s baby.  Unfortunately they cut the clip a little short.   DH loves this movie for the unrealistic action.

4.  The Matrix…  I love this movie for the pure cerebral aspects of it.   What you’re experiencing may feel like a reality, but is it really REAL?   We could be in the matrix right now!  🙂   There’s a nice philisophical aspect to the story.    Of course, DH loves it because there’s action and they shoot things up.

5.  The Incredibles…  Hey!  It’s a Disney/Pixar movie.  How could you go wrong?   Honestly I haven’t yet met someone who has seen this movie that doesn’t like it.  How can you not?   It’s so good!  Sorry for my indecisiveness with the multiple clips.  If I could, I’d post the whole movie here! 🙂

6.  Finding Nemo…  Again, Disney/Pixar.  What’s more to say?   Pixar can’t go wrong.    I love the little crab in this clip.

7.  Office Space…   Okay, okay!  It’s rare that any LOVES their job and going to work for the “man”.   This movie proves that.    One of my all-time favorite scenes is when Peter is at the hypotherapist’s office asking him if he could hypnotize him and make him think he’s been fishing all day instead of going to a job he hates.   I couldn’t find that one (and my other faves I did find were full of ‘language’), so this one will have to do.   Milton reminds me of a few of my coworkers…

8.  Over the Hedge…  Too cute.   They really got the right people to voice these characters.   This clip has my all-time favorite clip from the movie–RJ explaining the people and how they get food.  🙂

9.  Big Fish…  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I strongly urge you to go out and rent it NOW!  It’s such a great father-son movie.   I couldn’t find a clip that would 1) make sense out of context of the scenes leading up to it, or 2) do the movie justice, so I just found a good trailer that I liked.   This movie is sooo good.  I’ve watched it numerous times and each time I watch it I like it just as much.  That’s all I’m going to say about it.  Otherwise I’d ruin it for people who haven’t seen it.

10.  Madagascar…  Hilarious!!!!   Nature!  “It’s all over me!”  LOL!   This is just a bunch of Melman clips from the movie.  He’s so neurotic.  How can you not like him…

Looking back on this list it’s funny to see how many cartoons there are.   It’s especially amusing when you realize we don’t have any children.  We’ll go for just about any Pixar movie just because they’re that good.   

So, what do you think of the movies?  Any that you think I missed?

P.S.  I really like Fight Club, too, but it would almost be impossible to find a usable clip.   I like it for the underlying story of someone not wanting to be himself so badly that he makes up an alter ego–not the actual fighting.   Makes you think, reminds you to be happy to be yourself, and think for yourself.     So I guess that makes my “Top 11”.  🙂